Last year, at the annual national conference of the WCA (Women’s Caucus for ART), there was an exhibit organized by JWAN (Jewish Women Artists Network), a special interest group within WCA.  It was a juried event and my monotype, “Renewal”, was selected to be in the exhibit titled “Like Water on Rock”.  I attended the conference and the opening in Los Angeles and it was a wonderful exhibit.  It subsequently travelled to two other venues in Southern California and was well received at each location.

This is the monotype, “Renewal”, which I printed at Hudson Press Printshop in Roxbury, New York, in 2008.  Thanks, Joan, for arranging that – it was a fabulous day.  Printed on Rives BFK paper, it is matted and framed, 16″ x 18″, and priced at $ 375.00.

This statement was printed on the title card and accompanied the artwork as it was displayed and published in the exhibit catalog:

Hope and persistence and the desire to explore and even challenge long   held beliefs often find their way into my artwork.

I am looking to the horizon (growing older), yearning for peace and connections and a purposeful life, constantly striving for a better understanding of myself, my world and my art.

These are some of the elements that propel my expressions as I struggle to communicate with my viewer as well as myself.Monotype on Rives BFK paper, 16" x 18"", $375