Okay – I’ve ordered more Rives BFK paper, checked my ink supplies, made a list of ideas that I want to try out – all in preparation for Monotype Mayhem 2010.  This idea is the result of the “riunione”  with my printmaker pals a few weeks ago.    We agreed to dedicate 3 weeks of studio time to explore the monotype and exchange prints with one another when done.  Maybe this will spur me on to get my small press oiled up and ready to go – I haven’t used it for a long time!

Here is a monotype that I printed when I was in New York at the Hudson Press Printshop in Roxbury.  My friend, Joanie, arranged for a day of printmaking with master printer Liz Furman.  The title is “Ascension” and it is printed on Rives BFK paper.  Its unframed now but when it is framed it will be 19″ x 22″ and will be priced at $300.