The Wiegand Gallery located on the Notre Dame campus in Belmont is currently exhibiting paintings by Adelie Landis Bischoff.  I had seen some of her work in the past but only one or two paintings at most.  I knew that my friend, Alysanne, would be interested in seeing this exhibit because of Alysanne’s association with many of the artists Adelie Landis Bischoff studied with and worked with during the period of the Bay Area Figurative Movement.

We visited the gallery on Thursday and knew we were in for a treat.  The display of Bischoff’s work is a comprehensive coverage of her career – with enough paintings, of varying sizes – a visual timeline of her career.  We looked at everything and wanted more!

I couldn’t help but think that here is yet another woman artist who should have been better recognized in the art world, and then wondered whether her marriage to Elmer Bischoff was a “blessing or a curse”, maybe both.

Thanks to the Wiegand Gallery for showing her work.  Their website is


Light Orange Abstraction, oil and charcoal on canvas, 32″ x 30″, 2000